Product ID Labels

CCL Design Israel’s offers labels for general product ID, compliance and regulatory purposes. The labels offered are mainly from the following materials:

Polyimide – a synthetic label with high temperature resistance suitable for PCB’s and components labeling in SMT lines.

Polyester – a synthetic label, suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, thermal transfer printable. Suitable as a permanent name plate and serial label for appliances and devices.

Polypropylene – a synthetic label with a plastic appearance, moisture resistant, suitable for indoor and limited outdoor use.

Polyethylene – an elastic label suitable for curved and round surfaces.

Paper – a simple cost effective label for limited shirt term applications.

Vinyl – an elastic label suitable for curved and round surfaces and outdoor conditions.

Lexan  – A highly abrasion resistant label, the back printing technique makes the printed image extremely resistant, it is suitable for name plates and device and screen panels.

Please contact us to find out what certified materials we offer for general labels and for the full certificate information.