Auto Apply Labels

Nortec’s premium thermal transfer high-temperature and masking PCB labels for automatic application are more efficient and more accurate than manual placement. Using our auto apply labels means elimination of hand assembly, improved accuracy and cost reduction and utilizes your existing SMT machines.

Nortec’s auto apply labels offer an exceptional solution for automatic application of labels throughout the SMT manufacturing process. These innovative polyimide labels are designed to comply with various auto apply machines, robots for burning components and Hover-Davis feeders for pick and place machines as a standard component of the SMT process.

Nortec offers auto apply PCB labels in any shape or form with compatible ribbons, available on paper or polyester liners.

Nortec’s premium high temperature thermal transfer and masking labels enable the following:

  • Reduce cost and minimize manual labor with automation
  • Faster and more accurate than manual placement
  • Increase utilization of your exiting SMT machines
  • Blank or preprinted, laser markable and removable material options
  • Flexibility in sizes ranging from 3mm up to 58mm
  • UL approved label and printer ribbon options

Compatible with Label Feeders

Nortec’s auto apply labels are compatible with the major leading label feeders manufactures including Hover- Davis, Amistar, Accuplace, Cab and other auto-apply systems.

Nortec, the only Hover-Davis certified label supplier, is promoted worldwide via their vast network of reps and distributors.


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Nortec offers a variety high temperature polyimide materials for automatic application label, for more details: Open PDF