Executive Team

Doron Lavi /
Founder & CEO

Mr. Doron Lavi, Nortec’s Group founder and CEO has 29 years of experience in the development and marketing of identification solutions in harsh environments and has worldwide reputation in this filed. He also acting as mentor at The Keren Shemesh Foundation and assist young entrepreneurs to establish and sustain their own business and by this drive the Israeli economy and society.

Shahar Levi /
VP Business Development

Mr. Shahar Levi is a co-founder & CEO at NortecView. He also acts as VP Business Development at Nortec Group. Before joining the Nortec Group Shahar has worked as an associate advocate at Herzog, Fox & Neeman, the leading law firm in Israel and was in charge of significant mergers and acquisitions transactions in the investment sector in Israel.
Shahar has MBA in Finance and Banking from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, which he graduated magna cum laude, and LL.B. from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, which he graduated magna cum laude.

Eyal Bechar /

Mr. Eyal Bechar has been working at Nortec Group for over 15 years and acts as the CEO of Nortec AMI. Prior to holding these positions Eyal acted as the VP finance and operational manager.

Before joining the Nortec Group Eyal worked with Rosenblum-Holtzman, Certified Public Accountants as senior portfolio manager. He also worked as an accountant; acted as accompanying accountant in several companies and as local municipalities’ comptroller on behalf of the Ministry of Interior.

Eyal has BA in Finance from The College of Management in Tel Aviv and CPA license in Israel.