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Harsh environment labeling products available from stock or custom made to your specifications. No order is too small or too large!

We are an authorized representative of Hover-Davis. We are PCB auto apply experts! If you’re hand placing labels onto circuit boards, you must contact us today!
We are an authorized representative of Seagull Scientificís BarTender software.
We are an authorized direct-source reseller for many major printer and scanner brands.
We provide world class ribbon products that are perfectly matched to our label specifications.  Ribbons are available in a wide range of materials and colors.
Nortec Group is an inventive, hard-working, and dedicated group of people with over 15 years experience ready to work for you.
Our products are delivered to you via one of the most powerful distributors in the region
We at Nortec Group truly consider ourselves solution providers.  Although this term is becoming cliché in today’s business world, it remains very fitting to describe what we provide.  “It’s just a label”, right?  Well, for those customers of ours who have faced issues with labels that don’t stick, take forever to print or to set-up, get placed on the wrong product, get placed upside down, have ink get washed off during cleaning, or any of a myriad of circumstances like these; they have found the Nortec Group to be more than just a “label company”.  This is the essence of Total Product Identification Management.  We are experts at thermal transfer printing.  This includes, of course, labels, but also software, printers, ribbons, processes, methods, applications, auto apply solutions, and world class pre-printed services.
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